Cake, glorious cake!

I’ve been making birthday cakes for family, friends and colleagues for a little over a year. It started with my little sister Juliet, who for her 8th birthday wanted something super special in the cake department. I decided to pander to her current obsession and make a three-tiered, heavily decorated Super Mario cake. The minute she saw it, she went completely apeshit with delight, which in retrospect probably had a lot to do with the size of the cake (enormous) and the fact that every surface of the cake was covered in candy. Nonetheless, as a first-born child with the attendant addiction to approval from any quarter, I was hooked. I made a hamburger cake for my sister Claire’s 21st birthday party, accompanied by shortbread ‘chips’ and raspberry ‘ketchup’. I made a Stig cake for by brother Christian’s 15th birthday. Even though it looked like Voldemort in an airplane sleep mask, it was eaten with pleasure. This blog is a place to share the cakes I make to celebrate happy occasions for the people I love. Baking brings me so much joy and I like to spend a lot of time and effort in planning & executing my cakes. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy making (and eating) them!


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