Pink Pink Pink!


Another one from the archives – this is another one of Juliet’s birthday cakes, this time for her 9th birthday.

This was the cake that tipped me over the edge in terms of a new outlook towards cake-baking for children. After killing myself to make a perfect Pink Lady cake, the girls at her party ended up just eating the icing and fondant decorations and more or less ignoring the cake itself. Even though all the adults in attendance swore black and blue that the cake was actually delicious, my wounded pride made me vow never to go to that much trouble for a kid’s cake again. From then on, I would focus all of my attention on delicious sugary decoration, and waste no more time on faffing around with the cake base (or as I came to think of it, the ‘icing support system’).

In any event, even with the strawberry puree in the batter and the attendant alterations to keep the correct ratio of liquid ingredients to dry ingredients, this wasn’t a terribly complicated cake to make. I used buttercream to frost the layers and decorated with marshmallow fondant, coloured in two shades of pink, rolled thin and then stamped out with cookie cutters.


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